About Panthr

Panthr is a social network where black people worldwide connect and discuss topics from culture, trending topics, current events, and celebrate black excellence. Made by black people for black people.


Background: Panthr was created by 2 former roommates at Morgan State University. After meeting in 2011, Patrick and Torez have built a strong 10 year relationship and always strived to serve the black community. Panthr was created to become an alternative social network where communities of color can connect worldwide and discuss black empowerment. Panthr is the social network made for us by us. Black culture is the driving force in all of the major social networks yet none are created and ran by black people. After discussing/developing the app since 2020, we decided to beta-launch Panthr in April 2021. 

About Our Founders: Torez Mitchell(CEO) graduated Morgan State University with a Radio and Television broardcasting degree. Torez has experience with multiple film/tv projects and has a dream of becoming a feature film movie director.  He has worked as a Creative Director at New Lense Media and created his own company BlindMan Animations that helps brands create compelling stories couple with captivating motion graphics.   Torez is passionate about helping people define their identity, and connect with their core demographic. 

*Because we had to adhere to Apple/Android App store rules, we cannot ban people that are non-black but we will moderate any racist content heavily and immediately. We have the right to delete any user at anytime without reason or explanation.*