Terms of Use

Because we had to adhere to Apple/Android App store rules, we cannot ban people that are non-black but we will moderate any racist content heavily and immediately. We have the right to delete any user at anytime without reason or explanation.

*Rules can change at anytime without notice*

Simple/General rules. 

-Must be 18+ to join

-No threats of violence

-We moderate posts/users and can delete any post/userprofile without notice or explanation.

-We are pro-black culture but not allowed to discriminate. So any race can join but we will delete any user or post that is against out policies. 

-Since timelines have a public option, we have simple rules.

  • No spamming your song/product/link on the timeline. 
  • No illegal content to be posted.(self-explanatory)
  • NSFW content - we will allow what other social networks like Twitter allow but under these conditions.
    • Have the post settings go only to your followers
    • Only post content with users 18+

-Verification/Pro-Member rules

  • Verified memebers have to follow the same ru;es/guidelines as any other user
  • Verification is not an endorsement of any user or sign of public celebrity. Being verified/pro on Panthr means that you are a contributing supporter of Panthrs operating costs.
  • If/When public celebrities join, we will implement a "gold verified badge" after we verify the celebrity is who they say they are.
  • Verified/Pro members cannot change their profile into a celebrity or parody page.
  • If a user does not pay their pro-memership bill, they will be unverified and lose their pro member status.


  • We do NOT sell data
  • Data we collect are standard such as emails/name/birthday/and sometimes phone numbers
  • We may market to you through email/text/push notifications which you can opt-out of.
  • We user Google Analytics to get analytics which is standard for any website/app
  • We use Google Admob/Adsense to display ads and we have little control of the ads that are displayed. Data collected for ads are standard and most likely data Google already has if you use Google/Gmail/Youtube/Android Phones/ or any other Google product.
  • We take our users priacy seriously and do NOT spy on users personal location/texts/photos/videos/ or anything else that the other major social networks have been accused of. 


We do not data mine!

Our users are our customers, not the product.

We are working on our own self-serve advertising platform to replace our Google Adsense/Admob ads.

With out direct advertisement platform. we do not need to follow you across the internet.

Our advertiseers will want to promote to the black culture.

We will require brands to have black models as part of their ads.


We do not promote

  • Credit Repair
  • Any scams
  • Cannabis products because of Apple/Google Play policies.